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The Lord may want you to write for UNashamed. We are looking for writers – young men and women, particularly young adults ages 18-35 in good standing with their local Seventh-day Adventist churches; knowledgeable about theology, history, and current events; and to whom the Lord has gifted and called to write. Interested? Check our our Writer’s Guide below.

Writer’s Guide

Our Audience

UNashamed‘s audience is primarily collegiate and young professionals of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The target age range is between 16 and 35 years old. While readers are diverse in nationality, ethnicity, education, political views, gender, and maturity, our goal is to provide spiritual insight that is applicable to modern life and to express individual views on current issues while remaining true to the teachings of the Holy Bible and the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


UNashamed currently has three categories:

  • The Word – Lengthier explanations and investigations into a wide range of Biblical topics and issues, including the tools for readers to study the material themselves.
  • Unashamed Living – Practical advice, reflection, and inspiration for the modern Christian, to include some of the current issues that Christians face.
  • Abundant Health – Through practical tips and Biblical insight, this section encourages healthy living and taking care of our bodies and minds.
  • Devotions – Short, bite-size words of encouragement or insight accompanied by a Scripture verse intended to help Readers in their daily relationship with Christ.
  • Printables – Articles which also provide something tangible and free for the Readers to download and/or print that reminds them of the message or helps them in their walk with Christ.

What Are We Looking For?

We are looking for deeply spiritual material emphasizing the difference God makes in our lives. All articles need to be based solidly in Scripture, in harmony with the Spirit of Prophecy, and accompanied by references (if necessary for technical material and quotes). We desire open, honest, personal, real, and fresh writing.

Multiple Submissions

We do take submissions that have been published on personal web sites and/or blogs with permission from the author and if it does not violate their agreement with their first publishers.

No Payment

At this time, UNashamed does not have the means to pay for use of your manuscript. Therefore, by submitting your article to us, you are granting us permission to publish your work on this blog without financial compensation.

Still interested in becoming a guest writer for UNashamed? Contact Jacquelyn.

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